At your charity firewalk you’ll be wanting as many volunteers you can muster up to walk on fire.

Running a fundraiser of any sorts is hard work. I’m going to assume you’re an individual arranging a walk, and that means that you maybe don’t have the hours, finances or connections that a big charity may have.

May I recommend that you get people to help you out right from the start. You don’t need to do all the organising alone. If you’re raising funds for a local cause that people care about, there will be people who would love to help. Go to where they hang out and ask.

If you are raising for a larger charity and you know they have followers (Facebook or Twitter), leave a message where the people who follow them will see it. Something as simple as:

Message 1

Hey friends of [insert charity], I’m planning a firewalk [insert your fundraiser] and live in [insert town], I’m looking for volunteers to help me make this event awesome. Is anyone out there who is local and wanting to get involved? Please PM and I’ll give you the details.

Message 2 (2/3 days later)

Did you see this message ]insert above message again] on [insert date], if you have a few spare hours and live in [insert town], please PM and get involved. I would love your help.

Message 3 (6/7 days later)

Come and firewalk for [insert charity], I’m looking for volunteers to help with the event and for people to walk. Would you like to get involved and help money for [insert charity]. Please PM me.

You get the point yes?

If you feel a little uncomfortable posting on a charities wall, just let them know before hand. Even better is asking them to post on your behalf.

Now how else can you find volunteers?

1. Rope in a Local Celebrity to Walk

I know George Clooney may not live in your town but let’s think out the box when it comes to celebrity.

Celebrity in this case is someone people know in your local area. Is there one school? How about the head teacher for example? Who are the people that everyone knows? Ask them to walk. Make sure they believe in the cause you are raising for.

2. Get Along to Business Networking Events

Because this is a perfect gathering of people who have great connections. There is always someone, who knows somebody, who knows another that can help. And little biz owners have a knack for having this on recall when pressed!

Just Google “Networking [insert your area]”, and see what comes up.

Dig deep and find out when they meet. You can always call the host of the event ahead of time and explain you’re coming to ask for help.

When you get there, explain what you’re doing, who you’re doing it for, and what you need help with. Say you would love people to walk or to be connected with people who might be interested. Read this post over on my main website if you need a little help: 21 Tips for Smarter Networking.

And if there is a Social Media person there who can help with your social media. Bliss. Don’t go just to take, remember to come up with a few ideas of how you can serve them also.

3. Have a Gathering or Information Evening

Is there a local place where people hang out? A cafe? A pub? A centre? Arrange an information event. Ask people (in person, via email, online, Social Media) to attend and explain what you’re doing.

Ask the pub or cafe if they will give some space on a quiet evening, offer the benefits: people purchasing coffees etc will make it worth their while.

4. Take a Stall/Booth/Local Space

Where is the busiest place in your area? Is it a supermarket? A certain part of town on a specific day? Is there a local market or weekly event? Go there.

Many people try and recruit volunteers one-to-one, it’s easier and less time consuming if you can do this one-to-many.

For example, say you are raising funds for a women’s project, research all the places (formal or informal) where women go in your area. And meet them there. Again, you can do this with the best intentions. Just share why you wanted to come and speak to them: be honest, and share your cause.

How about if your raising for a childrens charity? Go where people who care about children hang out. The school gates at 3.30 with some awesome flyers of your event or your information evening would be great (check with the school first though.) Do this a couple of times. You are wanting to build connections.

How about an dog charity? Check and see if there are any dog meeting groups, walking groups. Go, or speak to the organiser of the group, get in the park at 6 different times over the week.

Stick your event flyer in a see through poly-pocket, and attached these to the gates of local parks where dogs are walked. All you need is one line, ‘Do You Love Dogs?’ would you walk on fire for them. Keep it simple. You’ll have them interested at Do You Love Dogs? Because they do. They have one.

And last tip for now…

Use the Internet

Create a website around your event. Try WordPress, Weebly or Wix

Even free websites allow you the oomph and power of social media. If this really freaks you out, remember we can help.  All you need to add is a few simple pages: about, contact, why, who’s it for, how volunteers can take part. It creates a ‘home’ for your fundraiser. You can create buzz by adding a blog, pictures, how things are going.

Volunteers love to be included in how things are going for the event they are part of.

If you would like to talk about arranging a charity firewalk, this is the page you need.