In no particular order …

  1. Create a Facebook page around your event.
  2. Create an event on Facebook.
  3. Use Hootsuite to set up tweets about your event.
  4. Create a Twitter account and share.
  5. Create a video and upload it to youtube.
  6. Create a fundraising page on justgiving
  7. Contact local newspapers and press.
  8. Write a press release.
  9. Ask a local celebrity to back your event.
  10. Posters in local places.
  11. Flyers where people are hanging out.
  12. Ask to set an information table in your local supermarket.
  13. Tell your story.
  14. Build a website just for the event.
  15. Make it possible for people to book online.
  16. Post your event on gumtree.
  17. Post your event to eventbrite.
  18. Search for local ‘online magazines’ in your area and submit your event.
  19. Share all links you have created to all your social media accounts.
  20. Put your event in work/company newsletters.
  21. Promote on company intranets (ask friends to share also).
  22. Do local schools have a newsletter you can submit a piece too?
  23. Email your address book. Without being a spammer. Keep them updated of what’s happening.
  24. Ask local business owners to take part or perhaps offer their services in return for some free advertising.
  25. Keep people posted with everything that is happening around your event: pics, updates, thank you’s.
  26. Set up a blog to keep everyone updated on your progress, promote it on social media.
  27. Acknowledge people who have signed up whenever you can and wherever you can.
  28. Contact local radio and ask them if they would like to interview you or a walker.
  29. Give away two free tickets, keep the competition going right up to the event.
  30. Ask people to share your information.
  31. Ask everyone you know to promote your event.
  32. Start even before you have the tickets! Add an email form to your website.
  33. Start early. Keep people updated as you go.
  34. Don’t rely on one area for promotion.
  35. Build a community for your event. Talk to people.
  36. Ask people to share your publicity material.
  37. Create a few slides and upload to slideshare.
  38. Talk about the message and the why … a lot!
  39. Be unique, and aim to delight and entertain.
  40. See everyone as a lifelong supporter. Look after them.
  41. Ask volunteer walkers to submit a video, piece of content for your blog. Share it.
  42. Join forums promoting your event.
  43. Go and speak at local groups and meetings.
  44. Link to other charities with a similar message.
  45. Always answer questions promptly.
  46. Run little mini-competitions before the event. Use gifts from local business owners!
  47. Ask people to like, share, tweet, and be thankful when they do.
  48. Go and hangout where you think people would like to take part in your walk, leave a few flyers.
  49. Add a few give-aways, and have fun with volunteer walkers. Get them excited.
  50. It’s personal! Be there, communicate, give thanks and include. 

Do you have any? Please share in the comments below …