Fire-walk.com is a big part of Living Moxie | Dawn Barclay

I’ve spent the last 20 years delivering experiential personal and professional training and learning events to Universities, Schools, Colleges, Local Council departments, Employability Projects, Charities, Non-Profits, community groups, and the private sector.

I am a champion of Accelerated and Brain-Friendly Learning, Positive Psychology and Motivational Interviewing. I am qualified trainer, coach, facilitator and Master of NLP. Using this research, the tools and techniques available I have had the privileged of working with hundreds of clients over the years.

I believe that long lasting meaningful change and transformation happens when the learning experience is real, relevant, high challenge (no threat) and sticky.

In 1999, I took part in my first firewalk, I was blown away. In fact I loved it so much that I completed a few more for various charities the following year and I brought the same company back to do walks for my own clients (employabilty and non-profit) before I eventually decided to train as a Firewalking Instructor.

Today I use firewalking and all the activities you see on this site at dawnbarclay.com as part of live personal and professional development courses. When appropriate.

I set up fire-walk.com to continue working alongside charities and non-profits, to help you make a difference in the services you deliver.

When delivering services at fire-walk.com I bring in experienced coaches, trainers, experienced firewalking instructors to run events.

What We Don’t Do

  • Hype – Firewalking and the other activities listed here are incredibly powerful and even more so when the seminar and pre training is rich, rewarding and meaningful. Where the learning ‘sticks’, is used and remembered.
  • Ego Mania – We have no desire to build the biggest, longest, most people to walk on, hottest firewalk ever — good luck to those that do, it’s not us.
  • Cash Cow – we aren’t the cheapest, but we aren’t the most expensive.
  • Woowoo & Kumbayaa– firewalking (and all the activities here) are a big deal however we don’t bring any other ‘therapy’ into what we do and they certainly aren’t a replacement for it.
  • Claiming Expert Status of Personal Development – there are no gooroos, or the No 1 at…[fill in the blank]…around here. We’re highly experienced personal development trainers & coaches but we’ll leave the goorooing to those who want to be known as one. We are here to deliver an event for you that meets your needs, not ours.
  • Crappy Service – we don’t just pitch up on the night. We want to help you in anyway we can to make your event a success. Whether that’s helping you with your marketing if you’re a charity, or sitting down with you and making sure we have the right content for your team seminar. As much as you want us to, we would love to help. Please ask.

What it’s like to work with us

We make it easy. We help you every step of the way. We make your event or workshop unique.

Obviously it depends on the experience you book and the reason why but as highly experienced trainers we’ll work with you to create an event that is unique to your participants, where the learning matters.

We commit to your project/cause. We support you and provide you will all the materials you need to create awesome fundraisers including a website if you need one. We know non-profits, we’ve worked in them for 15 years.

About Our Events

Safety is our no 1 priority. No question.

We’ll work closely with you to establish the type of walk/event you want and the learning/goals for the pre-walk seminar e.g. a charity firewalk will be very different in content from a team development walk: different audience with different expectations and needs.

We see all the activities as very powerful tools to personal growth and development, but they are just the tools. The real buzz is making the events meaningful, where the learning is remembered for a very long time.

The aim is to offer excellent, affordable, inspiring, motivating and long lasting learning experiences.

Our events are motivational. There are some who offer spiritual walks but that’s not us.

Why Are We Different?

Because we are qualified Trainers and Facilitators. Our experience of working in non-profit and delivering front-line services.

When you book with us you also get two decades of experience in organising, planning, delivering and facilitating training events for individuals, groups, teams and charities. Plus our small business knowledge in promoting fundraisers and events.

As well as our commitment to:

  • Make a Difference
  • Person Centred and All Inclusive
  • Walking Our Talk

Practical help for your event:

support: we don’t take your booking fee and leave you to it, just pitching up on the day. We’ll work with you from start to finish. Where we can assist you to arrange your event, we will. You just have to ask.

marketing: particularly for smaller charities, we can help you plan an event marketing strategy with you.

content: you can tailor your event to the needs of the group, you can decide what results and outcomes you wish to achieve beforehand, so the content meets learning needs, not just training for training sake. Please use all our skills in personal and professional development.

The Fine Print

Your safety is our priority

  • Trained with Fire Institute of Research and Education
  • Pre Event Information (including: risk assessments, health and safety information, check lists)
  • Public Liability Insurance to 5 million pounds
  • Support in the logistics of your event
  • Participants Certificates
  • Information and Support on How to Successfully Market Your Event (for charity walkers)
  • Free Online Event Advertising (if you are charity or fund-raiser)
  • Photographs For You To Use in Future Publicity (magazines, press releases, awards)

We’re qualified Trainers, Coaches, Speakers having worked in the personal development industry for 16 years.

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