Using a 27 inch wooden hunting arrow, one end of the arrow is placed at the soft, supple part of your throat, the other end against a hard surface. The goal is for you to bend and then snap the arrow in half, with no damage to yourself.

The arrow break is deliberate movement…and to break it, the move can only be forward.

Just the same in life, everything is forward.

As you place the arrow to the soft, supple part of the throat, you may feel a mix of emotions. One of them being vulnerability, your internal voice could be screaming at you to ‘resist, resist, resist…this is gonna hurt!’

And that is one of the learningS behind the arrow break: breaking through resistance.



The arrow break (in our experience) is a bigger personal challenge for individuals – more than the firewalk or glass walk.

It’s not uncommon for an individual to talk themselves out of completing the arrow break or to have numerous attempts (which is perfectly fine) before they finally take that step and push forward.

The Arrow Break teaches:

  • Breaking through resistance
  • Overcoming fears and limiting behaviour
  • Controlling negative self talk
  • Release of negative emotions and habits
  • About vulnerability and self-trust




The Arrow Break is a great ‘stand alone’ activity for shorter seminars, talks, presentations and programmes.

Alternatively you can add it to the pre seminar for your firewalk:

  • What do you resist because of fear?
  • Where do you stop yourself?
  • What behaviours need you break free from?
  • Where in life do you need to have a breakthrough?
  • How often do you go so far with a task or project only to quit too soon?
  • Do you need to cut through limiting and self sabotaging beliefs, habits and behaviours?