What are you doing on Saturday the 1st December at 3pm?

How would you like to inspire yourself and inspire others?

Come along to our next Open Charity Firewalk event. Open firewalks are perfect for individuals wishing to fundraise for a charity or cause, or for charities who don’t have the finances or time to arrange a large walk for themselves: you can book as many tickets as you want for your volunteer walkers.

Here’s How It Works

This is an open charity firewalking event: you choose which charity or charities you wish to fundraise and collect sponsorship for.

You may want to raise for a charity that is meaningful to you or a member of your family, perhaps you have a cause you care deeply about, maybe you’re already doing a little fundraising for a group you’re involved with and you want to try a new way to raise money for them.

At open events you choose the charity or cause.

After you pay the registration fee (£57) all money you raise is for the charity or cause. I ask that the minimum amount raised is £150.

You then give the charity a heads up of what you’re doing because a) it’s a legal thing in the UK and b) so they can support you — they love to help, like send you T-shirts and talk about you on Facebook and stuff.

Responsibility for the fundraising is yours, and between you and the charity.

How you want collect sponsorship is entirely up to you. If raising online I recommend justgiving.com.

You then turn up on the night and walk.

Here’s What to Expect

From the firewalk…

I’ll prepare you for it.

No, you won’t be hypnotised or have any woowoo done on you.

You’ll take part in a seminar just before the walk. In my experience most people get more nervous about this part, than the actual walk. Funny. You have no need to be nervous. You can if you want of course.

The two hours before the walk, I’ll share with you everything you need to know about firewalking: how it’s done, how to walk safely and how (important) you can take what you gain from the firewalk and transfer it to the rest of your life.

I know you’ll have loads of questions – I did before my first walk. So feel free to ask away in the comments below.

As well as doing something totally awesome for a cause or charity, which is massive alone, many say that after a firewalk they felt:

  • Reduced fear, less self doubt and ending of self sabotage
  • More focused, personal power, control in all area of life
  • Break through of limits and boundaries to personal growth
  • Able to take massive action in their life: increase in enthusiasm and motivation, because the fear that held them bound are no longer there
Everyone remembers the first time they walked on fire.

From the event…

Your safety is paramount to me. No question.

Firewalking (like a lot of things in life) carries a risk, you’ll (I promise) make the right decision on the night whether or not to walk.

You’ll be asked to sign a waiver before your walk to say that you understand all the risks and you’ll have an experience that you’ll remember for a very v-e-r-y long time.

Sounds Great But I Have No Idea About How to Fundraise

Panic not. When you book I’ll send you an email in a couple of days on to get started: how to approach the charity, how to set up your fundraising page via justgiving.com, what to tell people, how to tell them.

And all the way up to the event on the 1st I’ll send you little tips. This is why talking to the charity really helps, they can also help you and give you suggestions.

Now then … are you coming? If you are …

Here’s How to Book

If you’re booking a ticket for yourself, please register your space using the lovely pink button below. You’ll be taken to paypal (you don’t need a paypal account) to complete the registration.

Once you’ve booked your ticket, you’ll receive an email from me and a receipt from paypal. So make sure you check your inbox as this email has some important details on it.

If you want more than one ticket: please contact me to arrange this.

Buying as a gift: please don’t, not without telling the person what your doing or they have mentioned to you before they would love to walk on fire? Can you imagine?

Now for the Fine Print

By booking you understand that:

  • You walk at entirely your own risk.
  • You need to inform the charity you are fundraising on their behalf.
  • You must be 17 years and over and can walk unaided for 20 ft.
  • No refunds are given for a charity firewalk.
  • Minimum sponsorship is set at £150.
  • We reserve the right to change or rearrange a date due to weather conditions, we have done this once, but it was the night of a storm with an AA ‘stay indoors’ weather warning.
  • You will not be hypnotised in anyway: or coerced into walking.


Take a little time to think but don’t leave too late that you leave yourself no time to fundraise.

If you have any questions, email me [dawn@dawnbarclay.com or dawn@fire-walk.com], contact me here or just leave a comment below.