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  • Do you want to raise money for your cause or charity?
  • Are you a small non-profit or charity who has willing volunteers but can’t afford to host your own firewalking event based in Scotland?
  • Are you an individual who wants to experience the firewalk for the first time?
  • All of the above?

If yes, come along and take part in our next open firewalk: for you, for your cause or for your charity.


When: 19th April, 2015

Where: Wiston Lodge, Millrig Road, Nr Biggar

Time: 6.30 – 10.30 pm



This is an ‘open ticket’ walk especially for individuals and fundraisers.

We know there are many of you who work tirelessly on behalf of small charities and causes, you’re doing great work at the front-line: fundraising, delivering services, changing minds and lives, raising awareness and healing suffering. And perhaps you would love to host your own firewalking event but just don’t have resources (time, money, volunteers) at present.

Booking on an open event means that you don’t have to worry about covering the costs of running a large scale firewalk.

We have arranged everything all you need to do is (find your willing walkers) register (£57) yourself or them, then spend your focus, time and  energy on the fundraising,  show up on the night and walk.

We don’t set a minimum sponsorship because we know every penny counts.

We are using the beautiful Wiston Lodge for this event so you can invite family and friends to come and watch.



Before you take your first step across you will take part in a 2 hour – upbeat, fun, motivating – seminar which will give you everything you need to know to about how to walk safely, and (the reason why it’s two hours) I will also show you how you can take your the learning from the firewalk back into your real life (because let’s face it, we all don’t have a firewalk to hand most days).

At all times your safety is my No 1 priority. You will not be coerced, hypnotised, forced, woowooed or pressurised into crossing the coals at any time in the seminar, or at the fire.

You will make your own choice (and it’s always the right one) whether to walk or not (on saying that though, nobody has refused yet!)


6.30 – 7.30: Arrive at Wiston Lodge for registration/a cuppa – or come before and explore the grounds.

7.30 – The seminar begins & the fire is lit

9.30 – 10.00 – You walk on fire

10.00 – A ‘Cause for celebration

Friends and family can come at the same time you arrive for registration. They will be able to use the facilities (toilets etc) and can purchase a refreshment or two.

You can let us know nearer the time if you have spectators coming along to watch.



How do I get to Wiston Lodge?
From Edinburgh (36 miles – One hour) take the A702 through Biggar. After a half mile turn right onto the A72. Follow the A72 through Symington village and take the next left at the T junction onto the A73. Proceed for about 4 miles, turn right to Wiston after the double bend and just before the bridge. Wiston Lodge is through the village on the right-hand side of the road next to the school.

From Glasgow (40 miles – One hour) take the M74 to exit 11 (Happendon Services), then follow the A70 towards Edinburgh through Rigside village. Turn right at the top of the hill towards Wiston on the B7055. Wiston Lodge is 5 miles down the road on the left-hand side beside the school.

From the South Take the M74 North to exit 13 (Abington Services) then take the A702 (Biggar/Edinburgh) straight on the A73 towards Lanark (do not take the right turn towards Biggar/Edinburgh). Continue on until reaching Wiston. Turn left and proceed through the village. Wiston Lodge is on the right beside the school.

Use Google Maps below to search for directions. Click on the green arrow marking our location then search for directions to or from Wiston Lodge.



  • The pre-walk seminar
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • FIRE Certified Instructors
  • Experienced trainer and coaches leading your event
  • Public liability insurance
  • Photograph of your walk* weather and timing permitted
  • Gallery access
  • Supper and Celebration

Please book early. Transparency: your registration fee is used to book the venue, buying the resources needed to host the event, insurance, organising experienced staff to ensure health and safety, marketing and promoting the event, preparation for the event and clear up.

Terms & Conditions

By booking you understand and agree to the following:

About You: I am over 17 years old  and I can walk unaided for 30ft. I understand their are inherent risks in firewalking and I am able to make my own informed choice whether to walk or not.

Voluntary: By booking I understand I will be walking of my own freewill and I will not hold any other party accountable for my decision. I understand that firewalking does carry an inherent risk and these risks will be explained to me before I walk.

Weather: I understand that in adverse weather conditions my firewalk may have to be rescheduled. I will make sure that I can be reached on the day of my walk by leaving an emergency number – asked for after booking-  that will only be used for this purpose.

Cancellation: I understand that no refunds are given for a firewalk, however my space can be transferred to another individual. If a firewalk is cancelled because of adverse weather, another date will be given to me.

Pre-walk Seminar: I understand that this is compulsory and I must attend the whole event.

Fundraising: I understand that I am responsible for my own fundraising. Dawn Barclay (Fire-Walk) does not handle or collect fundraising money at the event. I understand and agree that I have to to contact the charity I am raising for to meet with the law in the UK.

Refusal: I understand that I will be refused to walk if under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If I decide not to walk, no refund will be given.


Payments are handled by secure PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account. By booking you have read and agree with the terms & conditions (have a read below). 


You will receive a receipt for your booking and you will also receive an email from us to welcome you to the event. Please click on the link in that email so we can keep you updated about the event. We’ll keep you updated with all the event details.