(We never know how to pronounce that, is it f-eh-que or farkq? Anyway …)

On this page are a few common questions we get asked and our answers to them. Many of the questions are about firewalking so please remember you can contact us at at time if you have a question about any of our events or activities.

Will I burn my feet?

Firewalking is an extremely empowering experience and it does carry an inherent risk, like everything else in life.

Only you can decide if the achievement of walking across the coals outweighs the risk. It is a real fire. There is a risk you may receive a blister.

At all our activities your safety is always our first priority.

It’s our intention that you, your group or volunteers walk across the coals safely. That you have a safe, enjoyable, empowering and fun event.

To make sure that happens we carry out a series of tasks before the event including a risk assessment.

We always hold the right to cancel an event if we feel it is any way unsafe (even up to the last minute). That may sound harsh, but safety really is our priority. It may help if you if you read the about page.

See, there are some horror stories of firewalking events that have went totally wrong, which is why (even if it’s not us) you should choose a company that knows what they are doing and is prepared to put safety above everything else.

When you speak to any firewalking company ask them about safety. If they say ‘it’s perfectly safe’ or ‘you won’t get burnt if you choose not to’ or ‘it depends on the persons chakra alignment’ … run … just run. They should be talking about health and safety.

Will I get any training?

All our activities (firewalking, glasswalking, arrow break etc) include a period of training or preparation. There is no prior experience needed. We will give you all the information and tools so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to take part at each event.

For example, you may before a charity firewalk take part in 3 hour pre-walk seminar. These seminars achieve three things:

  • Teach you all about firewalking and how to cross in the safest way possible.
  • Deliver an empowering, fun, and upbeat event that you will remember for a long time.
  • Make sure that you make the decision that is best for you to walk or not.


Will I be hypnotised at the training seminars?

No. Absolutely not.

You’re operating of your own freewill. You will make a conscious choice to participate (or not) at all our events: nobody will be coerced or pressured into carrying out any activity.

The pre-walk seminar for the firewalk is all about changing perceptions, beliefs, challenging ‘truths’ and positive states of mind.

How long is the firewalk?

15 ft. That’s around 5 to 6 steps, but it does depend on the length of your steps of course.

Can children walk?

Children can walk however at our open events we ask participants to be 17 years old and over. Children are more than welcome to come and watch of course.

How hot is the fire?

We take a temperature reading  using an infrared laser thermometer, and when it’s around 1200 degrees Fahrenheit it’s ready for being walked on. The fire is hotter in some parts, than it is in others. An instructor always walks first.

What happens if it rains?

For the firewalk? We reserve the right to cancel an event if we feel it’s unsafe.

Light rain alone will not cancel an event. Ongoing torrential rain definitely will. But it’s actually wind speed that matters more. Why? The coals burn hotter with more oxygen passing across them, and wind makes the temperature unpredictable. There is also the risk of flying hot embers.

We (you and us) will both keep an eye on the weather leading up to your event. Safety first always.

All other activities are not affected.

If we ever had to cancel because of the weather we would rearrange another date with you at no extra cost.

What kind of venue do I need?

Please read this blog post. On booking we will work closely with you on choosing the right venue.

Can I have a stiff drink before?

No. If you or any other participant had been consuming alcohol (or we suspect you have) or any other mind altering substance that will affect your ability to make an informed choice, we will ask you not to walk. We take more risks when we are under the influence, we don’t want you take any with us.

What if I decided not to walk?

That is 100% perfectly okay. Seriously, not a problem. Nobody will ever feel pressured into walking or carrying out any of the activities on our site. You can gain just as much from spectating. The whole premise behind these activities is empowerment, saying ‘no’ is just as powerful!

How do I arrange a charity walk?

The first thing to do is complete our contact form. Tell us what you need, the dates you are looking at, your charity, goals etc. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Do You Have a Question?

Please use the contact form, remember no question is too small.

Do you have a disclaimer?

Yes. As with everything in life, the firewalk and other activities carry an inherent risk. All participants on any of our workshops, events and seminars participate voluntarily, of their own freewill and entirely at their own risk. 

Each event will include the signing of a voluntary waiver.

You understand that no assurance guaranteeing your safety is being made, and you agree not to hold fire-walk.com, venue hosts, sponsors, directors, event organisers responsible for any harm to yourself  should you choose to participate.

Can I ask another question?

Of course. Please use the contact form.