• Does fear and self doubt, sabotage your personal efforts on a daily basis?
  • Do you feel you lack focus, personal power and think that you have no control over your life, career or relationships?
  • Do you feel that your currently living your life with limitations and boundaries?
  • Is your life all talk and no action: helpless and lacking in drive, enthusiasm and motivation?
  • Are you searching and seeking a positive, life changing experience? An adventure, a bit of excitement? Or are you just curious about how it ‘can be done’?
  • And lastly (why many walk), perhaps you are seeking a way to raise money for your favourite cause and you have heard how awesome the firewalk is.

If the answer to any these questions is yes, these are all excellent reasons to want to walk on fire!

A Personal Event

Everyone remembers the first time they walked on fire. And everyone has there own personal reasons for taking part.

By the end of the experience you’ll have at your disposal tools and techniques that you can instantly apply in your life, to overcome fears, end self doubt and sabotage and feelings of lack and worthlessness.

Only you of course know why you are wishing to walk, yet here is our intention for the seminar…

The Firewalk Is The Ultimate Metaphor for Change…

We probably have all been burnt at some point, you know that one little burn can be so painful and limit your ability to perform. We’ve both no doubt witnessed the negative effect fires can have. At it’s most powerful it can destroy land, houses and can take an army to quieten down it’s rage!

And yet, we also have probably been warmed and felt safe and secure watching and sitting beside a fire: it’s glow, it’s heat, the dancing of flames, the comfort and security it’s presence alone can make, it’s calming effect.

And that makes walking on it, extremely powerful.  It’s a fantastic metaphor for personal empowerment and growth.

There is no doubt that walking across hot coals with confidence, purpose, focus, will and determination is an experience you will remember and feel forever.

Many people search for an experience that has an ever-lasting effect of achievement, success, euphoria where they change their quality of life so that it can become one of total acceptance, purpose and passion.

And sadly some people perceive that the use of destructive narcotics and alcohol  are the path to accessing this peak state…the firewalk is much safer and the positive effects are for life.