We deliver bespoke and custom designed firewalks and empowerment events.

They can used for business, individuals, charities, communities and teams.

The learning outcomes, purpose and event ‘take-away’ is decided and planned long before the event takes place: whether it’s empowering a group, raising the motivation of a team, a staff-away day, breaking through barriers to business growth.

The first stage is to talk to us about your needs.

We’ll listen. And working in partnership with you we will develop an experience that meets your goals.

We believe that learning should be fun, experiential, real, meaningful and always personal.

All these activities are focused on overcoming challenges and barriers, building resilience, raising confidence and courage, understanding fear and how it impacts our personal and professional lives.



‘If you want information, read books. If you want to understand, have experiences’

The firewalk – and experiential learning events – are powerful experiences.

These activities can be included as part of a longer workshop or program, or as a stand-alone event for groups, teams and individuals.

What are the experiences?

  • Firewalking (barefoot)
  • Glass Walking (barefoot)
  • Board Breaking (bare hands)
  • Arrow Breaking (throat)
  • Steel Bar Bending (throat)
  • Low Ropes Course


Our firewalks and experiential learning events are motivational, upbeat, fun, high energy and reflective. Feedback from participants state that they teach:

  • Reduced fear, less self doubt and ending of self sabotage
  • More focused, personal power, control in all areas of life
  • A breaking through of limits and boundaries to personal growth
  • An new ability to take massive action in their life, an increase in enthusiasm and motivation, because the fears that held them bound are no longer there



Because they move an individual from self-imposed limited thinking into a growth mindset.

Take the firewalk, we probably have all been burnt at some point, you know that one little burn can be so painful and limit your ability to perform. We’ve both no doubt witnessed the negative effect fires can have. At it’s most powerful it can destroy land, houses and can take an army to quieten down it’s rage.

And yet, we also have probably been warmed and felt safe and secure watching and sitting beside a fire: it’s glow, it’s heat, the dancing of flames, the comfort and security it’s presence alone can make, it’s calming effect. And that makes walking on it, extremely powerful.

It’s a fantastic metaphor for personal empowerment and growth. Many people search for an experience that has an ever-lasting effect of achievement, success, euphoria where they change their quality of life so that it can become one of total acceptance, purpose and passion.



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