Here’s a list of links to websites offering of fundraising ideas and tips which we have come across in the past week.

1. Great little post on Rewarding Fundraising Ideas if you’re an indvidual fundraiser.  Covering donations, advertising and awareness, planning and preparing.

2. Check out Razoo. It helps individual fundraisers with online donations and non-profits accept online donations.

3. Check out and Moolta, it’s a website where you dare and challenge your friends to complete a fundraising idea. Take a look, some of the ideas are risky-biscuits.

4. If you need to send updates and news about your event, how about trying mailchimp? Their free option is usually enough for those organising a single event.

5. Top Tips for Successful Fundraising, this post from the British Heart Foundation. We totally agree on the first point – set yourself a goal.

6. 10 Ways to Jump Om Giving in the New Year – blog post from Razoo.

7. On Philanthropy Online Giving Grew Rapidly in 2012, According to New Chronicle Data. We always recommend that your volunteer fundraisers have their own online donation page if you are an individual fundraiser. Although large charities raise a lot of money offline, for one off events it makes it easier for your volunteer walkers to promote what they are doing.